This is the time of year when more money circulates through the streets, between the bonds, the thirteenth month and the fact that no discounts are made ​​in wages in December, Panamanians have a purchasing power greater than the one they regularly have. This leads them to visit stores to make their purchases of the season. The problem is that most carries cash and that makes them attractive to thieves who swarm the malls and are watching to see who is neglected.

We have often been told that we must be extremely careful with our belongings. Do not open the wallet in public, don’t take out money in places where anyone can observe, take care of our packages and we especially should try not to take children when we go shopping, because taking care of children neglects us to be caring for our purse and packages.

Even when all stores and malls have security personnel we are primarily responsible for our own safety. Those are simple steps we can take and we would avoid future headaches.

30 days of thanks

Most people tend to focus on what they lack and not what they have, even when we have more than we need.That negative attitude often prevents us from being happy or tarnishes moments that should be of joy.

There is a very good exercise that helps us focus on the positive instead of the negative.It is the 30 days of thanks.The way it works is that every day, for 30 days, we have to find something for which to give thanks.There are people who do it on Twitter, some on Facebook, but it can also be done privately in a notebook.

You will find that the first few days will be very easy, thanks for the life, health, family, work, etc.After a few days, the obvious things to be thankful for will end and that is where the exercise really starts.You should strive to find something positive in your life you want to say thanks for.

It’s a great dynamic and I think an excellent preparation for the New Year.Would you like to try?

Pet Insurance

Our beloved pets also need protection.With increases in the cost of living has also increased the cost of veterinary care.Fortunately they have also improved considerably, and today it is possible to treat our animals to extend their life and improve the quality of it.

To meet the high costs of treatments for diseases like cancer, you should have pet health insurance to help us with these expenses.

There is also accident insurance for dogs, these help to cover medical expenses that a dog requires because of an accident, and also the costs that a dog causes due to biting a person or damage to private property, by an unforeseeable and unpreventable event by its owner.

The accident policies can also include life insurance for accidental death.Be sure to read the terms and conditions of any policy you buy for your animals, your home, car or yourself.You will know for sure what you are buying and what coverage you really have.

Children vs grandchildren

Talking to my mom about it, we talked about whether or not it is true what so many people say that the grandchildren are loved more than the children. Mom’s answer was a resounding no. She said “my children are mine, I carried them for nine months and there is nothing that can change that.” The relationship, she said, is different.

On one side you have to raise your children, grandchildren no, that is the job of their parents. With the grandchildren grandparents are spending more time and of different quality than the time they passed with their children, but in most cases grandparents are already retired.

While one of the tasks of grandparents is pamper their grandchildren, she always says that my brother and I were pamper kids (clarifies that never spoiled) and she enjoyed rocking us every night to fall asleep while we were babies.

I see how she is with my children and my nieces and I see she love them, but she still maintains that “my children are my children.”

A day of rest for Mom

Moms are the busiest people in the world.Whether working in an office (or a home-based business) or not, we also have to take care of children and the home.Some have more help than others.There are moms who have nannies to look after the children, maids who clean the house and cooks to prepare lunch, and they only have to manage them.But these moms are the least common.

Most of us have to take care of everything ourselves with the help of one maid which is usually not too efficient, or a daycare center that only takes care of the children during working hours, or the loving and selfless help of grandparents.

The consequence is that the time comes when mom is exhausted, has dark circles under her eyes and such a bad mood that it’s best to get out of her way.At that time what mom needs is a break.She needs her family to cooperate with things around the house, someone else to help with homework, or at least pick up after themselves.

Are they thinking of gifts for Mother’s Day?How about a spa day?

Everything in its place

You are looking for something, whether paper, an implement or tool and you have no idea where it is. You have stuff everywhere and also forget where you put them. One day you are looking for one thing and find something else that had long been lost. You are preparing to cook and find in the kitchen an important document and you have no idea how it got there. In a word, it is called untidiness.

Many of us are untidy to the point that our house is a mess, including the bedroom, the kitchen, the room where we have the computer that we use for work or distract a bit. We are aware of it but do not know where to start placing order. To achieve this we need disposition and discipline. Since the order is not our strength we will need help.

The hard part is taking the first step. We must begin by reviewing everything we have and discard everything that does not work. This process is important because it will lead to have room to put what’s left, which hopefully will be very few things. Then we proceed to classify what we want to keep. To do this we must find a method which will later help us remember where we keep everything. Once we have everything in order, it is very important to keep it or return to chaos. We must get used to return everything at the same place that it was.

They are not only pets

Dogs and cats have been traditionally considered pets, pets that are always with us and give us unconditional love. We relate horses with a race, show jumping obstacles and in country walks. Although that has not changed, science has shown lately that our beloved animals play an important role in the health plan.

We already know that having a pet at home when we have children, sick or elderly persons helps lift their spirits, relieve stress and that they join us in the significant moments of our lives, whether happy or sad. Guide dogs are of great assistance to the blind and for people with restricted mobility.

Lately we have known that carry trained dogs and cats to hospitals help in the recovery of sick persons. We also know of equine therapy, which helps children with autism, Down syndrome or cerebral palsy, to stimulate their emotions, their concentration and ability to behave independently.

For the re-socialization of prisoners, some detention centers run programs in which inmates make contact with dogs, with the intention of reducing their aggressiveness and help in the process of reintegration into society. The results of these programs have been amazing.

Let us continue loving and pampering our pets, but having present that man’s best friends develop a much more important role in the lives of many people.

Feline love

It never ceases to amaze me the great love that cats demonstrate their humans.There are lots of cases where cats have saved the lives of their owners or neighbors, alerting them of gas leak or fire.There is also a case of a blind cat that saved the woman who adopted him by attacking an intruder who entered the apartment where she lived alone.

A little less dramatic is to see the joy with which they greet us when we get home, and how in our absence, they love to sleep right on the sites that have our scent.Years ago my mother went on a trip to Europe for more than a month, our cat was sad and did not want to eat, then got used it.When my mom came back she came out to greet her amazed that she had returned, but then decided “not to talk” to her for several days, offended by her abandonment.

Ever heard of feline insomnia?Yes, on one occasion, my husband was away for a week and our cat barely slept.She stood guard at the door waiting for him to return.He who does not know cats do not believe it.


When a person stands out in some area automatically becomes targeted by the ones who are not as good as them.It is sad that the nature of some people leads them to use their energy to attack others instead of using it to strive to be better and stand out themselves.

I am a firm believer that you cannot control what happens outside, so you need to control what happens inside.In this case, we can’t eliminate attacks but we can learn to react to them.Different people respond to different reactions.One that works for most is to ignore them completely.Imagine that they don’t exist and keep working hard in our area.

Others will require a response, but the response should be elegant and well thought out.Stooping to the attacker’s level will only make them continue their attack against us.One way to answer would be to say that it seems a shame that they don’t like our work in this area, because we do not like what they do in theirs.Being a completely unexpected response they won’t know how to counter-attack.

The electronic nanny

Pediatricians recommend that children under 2 should not watch TV at all.After 2 years they should not watch more than 30 minutes per day.There are studies that make a connection between the use of electronic devices at an early age with attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity.

However, as much we want, sometimes we need help to entertain a child in specific situations and the electronic nanny comes very handy.It is important to be selective about what we’re going to show the child.It can be games or videos on TV, computer, smartphone or tablet.

Ideally get educational videos, with music appropriate to the child’s age.Avoid violent scenes or videos with a lot of rapid movement because they affect sleep patterns in the night or a nap.

We must also reserve the electronic nanny for times when we really need it, and most of the time the children should be entertained with games that nurture their creativity, such as drawing or playing with dough.